Welcome to Seattle Multisport


  • Indoor Cycling Workouts using CompuTrainer Ergo Mode and Real Course Videos for time efficient and specific neuromuscular power training.
  • Bike Fit with Biomechanic Evaluation using the Spin Scan Computerized Pedal Analysis
  • Triathlon and Cycling Coaching Programs by Theresa Trinka-Hoard and Tim Becker (see the coaching blog page for more information)
  • Fitness Evaluations including Functional Power Tests, Heart rate Zones, Anaerobic Threshold Tests, VO2 Max Tests
  • Bike storage available

We are located in upper Fremont just south of Woodland Park on the Aurora Ave Northbound lanes at Motor Place. Off street parking on south side of Mirabella Apt.

4250 Aurora Ave, suite B106
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 730-1192

For Class Schedule see the Calendar

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Cycling at Seattle Multisport Cycling at Seattle Multisport

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