Indoor High Performance Cycling Clinics

by Tim Becker on November 5, 2009

Sessions arranged during the regular 10-12 week training session, email for registration and details.

Cost $25 for Team Members (see website for details), $35 non-team members

Seattle Multisport Training Center, 4250 Aurora Ave North Suite B106, Seattle, WA 98103  (206) 730-1192

Clinic Description:

This clinic will introduce you to high intensity/low volume indoor training programs for cycling.  This program is for all cyclists from first time on a bike to experienced racers, learn about how you can be in top coondition with just 6 hrs of training per week.

Eight Computrainers are connected to a computer that controls the workload for each rider.  Since the computer sets the workload based on the athlete’s fitness, as measured in watts, the workout can be designed to be specific to the individual, measurable, and progressive in intensity.  We can measure workload by recording the wattage produced in a controlled time trial using your own bicycle so that it is specific to you and what you will be using in your competitions.  The first step is to measure your individual power output by completing a 5 mile ride on the trainer.  The computer will record your power in watts, your heart rate, speed, and time.  You will receive a report with your specific power zones.  We will also record your heart rate response and give you a zone chart you can take with you when you train on the bike.

The goal of the High Performance Program (HPP) is to increase the athlete’s economy at the upper end of the aerobic performance zone by raising the anaerobic threshold (AT) for greater speed at the same heart rate (HR) and effort or perceived exertion (RPE).  Cycling economy is an important concept to understand.  When economy is increased at any set workload, RPE and HR decrease and speed increases.  This translates to a higher speed output from the ability to produce more watts (power) at the same effort and heart rate.  The program is designed to focus on neuromuscular development (increased skill, strength, stamina = >speed) as well as sports nutrition and energy system development.  An ideal fitness program is time efficient, recognizes the need for periodic rest and recovery, and prescribes the correct dosage of work to increase fitness and health without undue fatigue and illness. By training using proven science, and providing regular assessments, we can take the guesswork out of the training regime and save you time.

Individual Sessions:

Session one will be for beginning to intermediate cyclist who is just starting out and needs to work on basic conditioning.  We will cover all the basics including the principles of training, the fours S’s, positioning on the bike, the need for core strength, nutrition basics, and the need to have active recovery in your training regime.

Session two is for intermediate cyclists who have a year or more of training experience. We will also cover the basics including positioning on the bike, the need for core strength, nutrition basics, and active recovery. In addition, we will take a look at your pedaling efficiency using the spin scan analysis to provide biofeedback which will show you graphically what your legs are doing when you push the pedals. We will practice pedal drills to develop more neuromuscular connections improving your performance and reducing the risk for musculoskeletal injury.

What to bring:
Bike, bike shoes, cycling clothing and a change of dry clothes for after the workout.

Heart rate monitor and chest strap (optional)

Water bottle

Space is limited and advanced sign-up is required!

*Tim Becker is the director of the Seattle Multisport Training Center located in Fremont. Tim has been a competitive cyclist since 1970 and has been a coach for developing cyclists, runners and triathletes since 1984. He has a BS in Physiology and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has been an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine since 1984. He has also been a leader in Sports Governance and recently served 3 terms on the USA Triathlon Board of Directors where he helped write the Olympic High Performance Plan for the development of Junior, Under 23, and Elite athletes.  As an athlete Tim has been selected as the USA Triathlon Athlete of the Year for Duathlon in 1998 and 2005. Tim has been a consistent member of Team USA since 1990, competing in 25 International Triathlon Union World Championships, placing in the top ten 22 times and winning 5 World Champion titles.
Don’t wait, space is limited!

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