The Ultimate Bike (power & comfort) Fit

by Tim Becker on March 22, 2010

Spin Scan Graph - Pedal Efficiency

John Howards PowerFiTTE System

PowerFiTTE is a unique, dynamic process that fits you and your bike together, and determines your ideal riding position. We’ve spent more than 25 years perfecting it, and it’s the most comprehensive fit program available, bar none.


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You’ve probably had your bike “fit.”  This typically includes a series of measurements and adjustments to the saddle and rarely the cleats, stem, and handlebars. But it doesn’t take into account your unique biomechanics.  Power FiTTE utilizes both mechanical adjustments to the bike and biomechanical mobilization of the hips, knees, and feet.   Each client is accessed and soft tissue is mobilized with the idea of making substantial and measurable improvements in performance and comfort.  FiTTE is VERY different from any of the other systems.  FiTTE documents each change and evaluates each in terms of pure performance gain measured by recording your speed, power development, pedal efficiency, and heart rate via the CompuTrainer software.  Our performance focus is critical for racers, serious cyclists, and triathletes, but another cornerstone is injury prevention and response.  Problems with knees, backs, feet, shoulders and neck are very common, and we often work with folks who have already been fit by practitioners of most of the other systems without relief.  An incorrect, inefficient fit could be holding you back as a rider. Worse, it could lead to injury or chronic pain.

  • Set aside two full hours for your Powerfitte session.
  • First, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire. You’ll discuss your riding history, style and goals with your Fitte System practitioner.
  • We analyze your riding position, in motion on your bike, including placement, knee movement, hips, back, arm , and hand placement.
  • Using our computer system, we’ll record your work output and relative left/right leg strength. We gauge cadence, heart rate, power application and efficiency.
  • We’ll then hand-measure every relevant joint angle and examine the flexibility of all key muscle groups.
  • Off the bike, we look at your flexibility in such key areas as hips, hamstrings and quads—the “power zone”.
  • We’ll show you ways to increase your range of motion—the key to power—and demonstrate some techniques to improve your physical limitations. (We’ll let you know if physical therapy is indicated.)
  • We make micro adjustments to your to your bike and instruct you on modifications to your riding position.
  • Finally, it’s back on the bike, where nearly all our clients instantly notice improved performance at the same or lower heart rate.

PowerFiTTE brings you and your bike into ideal-for-you biomechanical balance. So you to get the most out of your body and your bike.

Contact me to learn more about the FiTTE System.

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