About Us

Seattle Multisport offers full services to bring out your best cycling, running, swimming, nordic skiing potential.
We offer:
*Team/group indoor power based cycling training using state of the art computer programmed CompuTrainer’s.
*Clinics, team workouts, trips and events
*Direct one on one, group, and online coaching
*John Howard Sports Body Fitte System Biomechanical Comfort Bike Fit and Body Balance Structural Analysis in addition to on the bike analysis of your riding position using Spin Scan Technology
*DMT sports specific neuro-muscular balance
*Trigger Point Therapy soft-tissue injury prevention through instruction and products

Training with Power is the most efficient and effective method to realize your greatest potential in cycling. We guarantee performance gains with our “Less is more” training approach. Your time and energy is limited so why not use it in a scientifically proven fitness system that requires only two hours a week of high intensity workouts. We have over 10 years of experience training dozens of everyday athletes from beginners looking to control the holiday excesses to World Champion Triathletes and Cyclists. Forget the days of slogging through freezing cold wet rides sucking the mud of your teammates wheel spray! Put some fun in your winter training!

The Seattle Multisport Training Center is operated as a not for profit member directed organization founded in 1998. Seattle Multisport sponsors and supports members of Seattle based cycling and triathlon teams including Team in Training participants. Memberships are $50 per year for individuals who are not members of sponsored Team/Clubs or participants with charitable organizations.




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